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Funding Her Dreams: Empowering Women Through Financial Support

Our NGO is dedicated to providing financial assistance to women in need. We understand that many women face challenges in accessing financial resources to support themselves and their families. That’s why we offer various forms of support to empower women economically.

Through our programs, women can access microloans or grants to start or expand their businesses. We also provide financial education and training to help women improve their money management skills and make informed financial decisions. Additionally, we offer job training and employment opportunities to help women develop skills and access better-paying jobs.

We understand that childcare can be a barrier for many women, so we provide assistance with childcare services to help women balance work and family responsibilities. Our goal is to remove barriers and provide women with the support they need to succeed financially.

In times of crisis, we offer emergency financial assistance to help women facing unexpected hardships such as medical emergencies or job loss. We also provide legal aid services to help women navigate legal issues related to finances, ensuring they can protect their rights and interests.

Overall, our NGO is committed to supporting women on their journey towards financial independence and empowerment. We believe that by providing financial help and support, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of women and their communities.

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Our Interventions

Reproductive & Child Health

Reproductive & Child Health is the pilot initiative of SSWCC Foundation aimed at providing basic primary healthcare, addressing issues of pregnancy, newborn and child health, and facilitating access to public and private health facilities.

Nutrition Enhancement

Studies have shown that a child’s health in their first 1,000 days of life is critical as it influences their development in childhood as well as adulthood. Hence, it becomes imperative to ensure healthy pregnancy and healthy mothers and children.

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship and skill development training is provided to women who are running low scale businesses with limited means in urban slums and rural areas.

Digital Financial Literacy

Financial literacy sessions and life skill training are held to ensure the economic empowerment of women by making them aware of banking, investment, and financial security, and helping them make informed choices in all spheres of life.

Govt. Convergence & System Strengthing

One of the major interventions under SSWCC Foundation is networking with government institutions to enhance community awareness and help increase the uptake of govt. welfare schemes & policies.

Sustainability in Communities

SSWCC works with not just the women, but their families, the community, and various other stakeholders to bring long-lasting behavioral changes that help create a supportive environment for women.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The projects of SSWCC address key issues related to women’s rights and well-being, making SSWCC Foundation a prominent NGO for women empowerment.
SSWCC Foundation stands out for its comprehensive approach to women empowerment in India. We not only focus on healthcare and skill development but also actively involve men and boys to create a more gender-equal society.
The long-term goals of these projects include creating sustainable opportunities for marginalized women, fostering gender equality and empowering them to lead better lives.
SSWCC operates its projects in diverse regions across India, focusing on areas with marginalized women in need of support. We are committed to expanding our footprint and reaching out to as many communities as possible. It is one of the best women empowerment programmes in India.
Engaging with the programme is a meaningful way to contribute to social change. You can get involved by volunteering or donate for women empowerment.
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